This Is How We Do It: Side Mirror Winkers

Max with the Mode Parfume Airrunner Acura RL, has been MIA for most of the year due to the recent purchase of a house as well as his marriage over the Fall.  When you combine moving and planning for such an event, you really are not left with much free time.  Not to worry, he is still modding and very much in the game.

On newer cars, many models (especially luxury) have side mirror LED turn signal winkers.  A large part of the scene is about making your ride look current by adding modifications that come standard on newer luxury models.  Max’s 04 Acura RL did not come with the LED mirrors nor is there an after market option but that did not stop him from getting it done on his.  Custom work is what we are all about!

He ordered just the actual side turn signals from an after market brand in Japan with the intentions of “making them fit.”  First he had to measure and mark where he wanted to cut.  From there, he pulled out the dremel and went to work.  After that, they were silicone’d in place.

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