We have mentioned Sam a few times on this blog in the past for his interior work in Joe “Burgy’s” Q45 but we never showed you what he was working with.  He picked up a W220 S500 Mercedes Benz about a year ago and is currently the only W220 in the crew.  We had 3 of them in the past (Choppy and Jermaine both sold theirs).

He recently picked up an authentic Brabus rear bumper.

Vehicle above doesn’t belong to him but it shows you what the bumper would look like.  This Brabus W220 kit aged very well.  It still resembles some of the stuff you would see on modern Japanese VIP style builds.  If you ever spoke with Sam, you know that he has many wild ideas.  Lets hope he puts some of them to use on his Sclass.


Accomplishment: LIBERTY in March ’11 SuperStreet

It was brought to our attention that LIBERTY VIP was pictured in the March 2011 issue of Super Street magazine.  This was in the CaniBeat “First Class Fitment” car show.  Props to them and the magazine for showing love giving us the biggest pic in the spread.

This is special because its our first team shot in a magazine and we had many of our heavy hitters on hand (some in which sold their cars since).  Hopefully we can continue to get love from the media in 2011.


LIBERTY GARAGE: 008 Continued

Previously when we last updated you on Don’s car, we thought it was ready for paint.  Turns out the Dreamakers Kustoms shop car is getting more work than we first anticipated.  The wheels have been spaced out some more preparing the car for some deep dish wheels next time around.  That required more flaring of the front and rear fenders.  Slamming cars while keeping them drivable, is their specialty.

On the UCF20 LS400, the door jam prevents the rear from getting low while maintaining drive-ability.

Nate from Dreamakers tubbed the rear door jams to help get this bad boy on the ground.  As you can see, they work that metal down to the point where they don’t need much body filler.  He can roll the car at this height.  Impressive.

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Calendar Preview

The calendars should get here any day now and from there, they will be shipped out.  For those who want to see some teasers, check these out.  Some of the pics were not shot by Alex so he had to re-work them so they can fit in with the others.  He explained the process of each pic so you guys can appreciate the extra effort used to help make these calendars come out as sick as possible.


“Kevin’s car was shot in what looks like a prison parking lot, there were reflections of barbed wire on the hood and very large brick walls.
I removed all of the reflections and basically reproduced all of the body pannels to make it all flow together and look more believable.
I found the background from a Maserati advertisement, it was difficult to find a backround to replace because the car was at this different angle.”Alex

After (the large logo will only appear on online photos, not the calendar)

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When your addicted to the game, there is no end.  You keep going for the rush you get when doing something fresh to the car rather than to actually complete it.  Jermaine looks to get some more work done to “finish” the look of his ride.  What is getting done?  You just will have to wait and see.  Details coming once they get to work.

The work is being preformed at Dreamakers Kustoms in Endicott, upstate NY so you know its in good hands.


Next Meet: RPM Orland Florida

Saturday Feb 12th, LIBERTY VIP invades RPM in Orlando Florida.  With the weather being so cold up north, the guys are looking for any reason to go down south for the winter.  We should have about 8-10 crew members flying down and a couple are trying to get some last minute mods done so they can attend with their rides.

Should be a lot of fun.  Expect heavy partying.  If you are in the area, be sure to check out this meet and say whats up to the guys in the LIBERTY VIP shirts.