LIBERTY VIP 2010 Recap Part 2: June-Dec

Second half of 2010 recap

Before the BBQ on Memorial day weekend went down, we had been secretly planning a VIP car show.  It was really risky since there wasn’t a big scene out east and it hadn’t been done before in North America.  The BBQ was to test the waters and draw hype.

So the promotion was in full swing in launching the first ever vip car show in the states titled “BLACK.”  Let me make this clear, others have done meets in different regions such as Hawaii and San Diego which we support fully but what we had planned was a full-out car show where only modified luxury cars were allowed in, with trophies designated to only certain makes.  That is what made it the first.

The hype for BLACK had many cars going to get work done at the same time.  Some made the cut, others didn’t.  Chris literally arrived 1 hour before the show ended because they were rushing to get it out of the shop in Philly.   We are more than just cars with drops and rims, some of our rides are full-blown show cars that get driven daily.

Smitty purchased a more aggressive set of wheels that required some body work to fit.  He would just miss the show.

Ty never took his foot off the pedal the whole year.  Seemed like every month he had something new out.  One of the nicest interiors on this side of the continent in regards to the style.

Al’s timing was a week off.  He had moved back out to Hawaii which resulted in him and the car missing the show.  Not to worry, he teamed up with Jermaine to push Liberty hard out on the island.

The show was done with no fear of taking a huge loss financially.  We are trying to build a Superbowl type of event for the scene.  It will take years to get to that point but we won’t water down the show until it gets there.

The day of the show, we experienced 104 degree weather.  That’s better than rain but it did make moving around difficult.  Luckily we still had a solid showing as we built the stepping stone for something greater in the future

Another one of our unconventional rides, 740i.  Expect Olek to have some tricks up his sleeve for BLACK II.

Dreamakers Kustoms was in attendance with 30 people.  They built most of our show cars and we owe them our continued support.

The show didn’t get packed until 2pm.  Even in the baking sun, everyone had a good time and was hyped to come out harder for BLACK II.  That really was what the show was all about.

Now people have something to look forward to where there work would go noticed and appreciated by other enthusiasts from around the continent.  On many cars there, lots of mods would get overlooked at typical car shows because they are often done to look good and blend in, not stand out.  This is why specialty shows end up having cult like followings

Sharad drove down from Canada just to make this event.  Did he regret the long drive?  He said he can’t wait for the next one

The judging was done in a very formal way that catered to the scene but it still ended up being super close points wise.

The Lexus category which ended up having the 3 highest scored cars for the Best of show, was a 2 way tie.  A coin was flipped, winner would get the B.o.S. award and the other would get best Lexus.  Tommie with the black LS430 won the Lex category while Ty with the white GS took the Best of show

Shameless plug?  OH YEA!!!  Sh*t, I paid for the whole show and went sleepless for months arranging it!  =p

The bottle went to the Best of show winner Ty.  Hennessy BLACK is a luxury Cognac so why not give it to the winner of a luxury car show called BLACK?  He said he is keeping it unopened for memories but we are all tempted to crack it open from his back seat bar.

Ron with the 3rd gen GS was 1 point away from potentially winning Lexus and Best of show at BLACK.  Had to hurt but feel good at the same time knowing he was so close.  Get them next year!

Next week, a few of the guys drove up to Upstate NY for the stanceworks meet.  It was a lot of fun and we got to see many clean cars from the stance scene.  More importantly, we put in some ground work onto helping become a household name to those outside of the VIP world.

I promise the Liberty flag is not sprayed with AXE, girls are just drawn to it naturally.  I never met her in my life

In August we did the Remix car show in NJ.  Jermaine (top row with the white shirt) was on vacation from Hawaii.  He met the crew members for the first time and fit right in like he had been apart of Liberty since day one.  There he witnessed what we are all about, having a good time

The Lexus and/or VIP category were always  fun to watch since we had two super heavy weights in Ty and Tommie.  They would trade trophies at every event we did and each time felt the other man should have won it.

We won our first ever “Best Team” award.  I had to do my traditional MJ kick and crotch grab after accepting the trophy.

Jermaine decided it was time for a new look for his red Q45.

People liked us, speed bumps didn’t.

New paint job, custom headlights, range rover vents, Weds Chrisna’s, just to name a few turned this Q to the heaviest hitting Y33 in the states.

We teamed up with photographer Alex from  We felt that we had enough weapons to put out a calendar and the right people to get it done.  First we let you guys vote onto which cars you wanted to see in it, then Alex got to work traveling all over the place to shoot our rides.

Ty got a little pic in Rides magazine without knowing it.  This was from the Funk Master Flex car show.  He was all over the place, at 1-3 car shows per week racking up the awards and getting the name out for the crew.

We had our second BBQ of the year.  This one was in Philly and it was open to all makes.  The quality of rides that came down was really nice and somewhat unexpected.

5 right hand drives came down to our BBQ which was pretty sick including this JDM 2010 Accord wagon.

Jermaine put together arguably the sickest VIP style car in the states.

We opened up shop down south.  Chris “20sBurning” Joined the squad

You never know when a random person will spot you on the road, continue to drive low.

Joose helped make for an interesting time in Worcester MA for Import Evolution

Chris taking one for the team

Going in for the kill

We rolled deep the morning of the show in MA and it felt great although the hangover didn’t

Bit-tees love Liberty VIP

Women seem to flock when they see these flags

The front row was killing it but the back was murder

The same weekend in Toronto Canada, Brett was holding us down at a car show north of the border.  Great feeling shutting down 2 car shows at the same time in different locations but all under the same crew.

A week later, Dominik flew out to Japan for the K-Break “King of Sedan” event.  That is the biggest VIP car show in the world.  He was supporting us by wearing our shirt and did some great event coverage loaded with over 400 pics.  The Liberty Blog is the first blog (and the only one  unless they borrowed or stole) you can find King of Sedan coverage.

Dominik with the boss man, owner of K-Break

This event was my biggest inspiration to do “BLACK.”  One day, the show will get to this level with the help of all the VIP car owners in North America.

Brendan’s Q was still being worked on.  It seemed like forever but the amount of work on this car is insane.  Best part is that no one will notice any of it done, they just know it looks sick.  His tail light conversion and custom bumpers came out great.  AGI design + Dreamakers Kustoms = FTW

Fat Mike continuing to mob all over the New England area

This is how we pay for our mods.  Those things are filled with DVD players, Fast and the Furious style.

Burgy in Florida gutted his whole interior.

Sam flew over from Minnesota for the sole purpose of doing Burgy’s interior.  That’s team work

The calendar photo shoots are in full force.  Alex our photographer was putting in work from Maryland to Boston and everywhere in between.r

Although Ty took tons of trophies, choice awards are always special to win

Jermaine took the country by storm

The Q is finally done and looks like it could have come this way from the factory.

CaniBeat threw their first car show which was limited to 75 cars.  We had 14 in there (throughout the evening) and came out swinging.  Smitty took best VIP there

Setting up for our first group shot.  Was a very proud moment for the crew.  Once again, props to CaniBeat for putting together the show/allowing us to do the shoot and Stance Nation for showing us love on their site

The event was a lot of fun.  We look to make this an annual show that we attend

Tommie ended up selling his car only months after it was completed.  He committed the murder and left the scene. . . or did he?

Many cars went up for sale and many scrambled to sell their wheels in order to come back stronger for the next year.  2011 is about to get serious

“With a starting 5 like mine, the bench don’t matter” -Stack Bundles RIP

Alex working very hard in order to get this calendar done.  I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy

El Presidente got his Waffe’s refinished as well as his suspension installed to present to you the sickest Jaguar this side of the world.

“BLACK” got show coverage in Import Tuner magazine with 6 Liberty cars getting pictured.

Rob’s new wheels finally came in and got the GS world feeling like 18’s is the thing to do.  He was on the sidelines for most of the Summer after he sold his other set.

Smitty continued to crush it with his new look that consisted of custom fender vents, quarter panel work and new rims.  This was at a North Carolina car show where he met up with our friends from team ISO

Newbies looking to make big waves in 2011.  Stay tunned

Tires will continue to be stretched

Guys up north are starting to get in winter mode with their stylish beater wheels while they plan their attack for the next Spring.

Al and Jermaine recruited Hector from Honolulu Hawaii to represent us.

Al shipped his car to Hawaii just in time for REMIX where he would team up with Jermaine and Hector for an eventful time.

Remix Hawaii seemed to have been as much of an unforgettable event for the crew members, models and spectators.

Liberty all day

I think we had the best car show coverage for this show by far because we didn’t notice any cars in our pics.

Jermaine taking the Best of Show award along with 2 others and $1,000 cash.  The crew took 5 trophies at the event.  This was Jermaine’s last car show in Hawaii.  Way to leave, on top.

What will 2011 have in store for LIBERTY VIP?  You will just have to continue to visit our blog to see.


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