LIBERTY VIP 2010 RECAP: Part I Jan-May

2010 was a historical year for the VIP scene out on the east coast.  It is the first time ever you can say that we had an actual scene.  This little club called LIBERTY VIP did huge things and it would be unfair to the crew as well as those who contributed from other regions to call us a north East car club.  We went global

Rodney held us down from late 2009 and early 2010.  It set the example for many and he did it with an unconventional vehicle for this style.  In our crew, you have the Liberty to do work to just about any luxury car and be accepted

Although the tattoo doesn’t rub off, you can say the message and attitude we bring rubbed off on many

Special edition Gold shirts went on sale last spring.

Fat mike had body work done on what ended up being one of the most talked about W215 CL500’s  in North America

Dave choose to start his build on an unconventional but fitting platform, the Audi A8L.  This car had the audi as well as the stance forums in a frenzy at one point

Ron graced the cover of a local magazine and would eventually get features in some more majors.

I visited Refined Elegance out in Houston Texas early April and was truly inspired by their tight knit scene and quality of cars.  Showing pics or their vehicles and how organized they were, may have helped spark the flame to go hard or go home for our crew.

Kevin in SoCal would eventually end up getting rid of his beloved Y33 Q45 in favor for a Y34 M45

The yearly Maryland car meet in May was a lot of fun and introduced many spectators to this style of modification.

Rodney got countless little features in major mags

Al decided to really go in on his 3rd gen GS350 which included wheels, front/rear body work, air runner suspension as well as a full paint job

Ty went in beast mode as well.  Front/rear fender work, New Junction Produce Scara II’s with a custom rear bumper to name some.

Tommie caught many off guard with his UCF30 LS430 build.  No stone was left unturned.  Dreamakers Kustoms doing work!

Then we had our BBQ on memorial day weekend.  It was a HUGE success.  Pictured above is Brett who drove down from Toronto Canada.  Seeing cars come from such great distances to attend one of our meets made us really understand how far we have come.

Beautiful sight that inspired many to redo their already nice cars to go harder and some to eventually get in the game.  The mod bug caught on for many that afternoon

Ty displaying his custom rear which stole the event when he arrived fashionably late.

We actually had 13 different states come down (or up) to our BBQ but 9 are pictured above.  We couldn’t have imagined that type of outcome

The scene out here finally felt like a scene

Rob displaying his then new wheels.  Feels like deja vu since he is always displaying new wheels.

Max before he got “wifed” up

Smitty taking an open container ticket for the team.  We owe him a free t-shirt the next time we get them printed.

Official team members were given the option to run a stamped euro plate on the dash.  Not every ride qualifies for these which makes the ones that don’t, go extra hard to earn the right.

Fat Mike shows off his new Wald front lip as well as his new grill.

Part 2 which covers June-Dec, is coming tomorrow . . .


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