Tokyo Auto Salon 2011

Our friends Grant and Dominik made it over to TAS in Japan this year.  Check out some of the dope pics Grant took.  Since you came on this page to see VIP, that is all we will be sharing with you guys.  Some of which you may not see else ware.  There is so much going on that it is easy to over look some of these 4 door luxury cars that we love.

Pic Credits: Grant Wilson

Maybach, I will own you one day.

The Junction Produce booth always has a dark, cold, gangster feel to it.

One of the most hyped cars leading to TAS, the Junction Produce Rolls Royce Phantom.

It has a front half bumper, side skirts, fender wents and over sized Scara II’s.  Not bad at all.

The displays at TAS are so nice.  American companies should take notes.

The reason you may see some spectators wearing shades in doors.  This Garson “DAD” SL600 has been in the circut for many years now but still attracts a large crowd every single time.  It is completely covered in rhinestones.  The interior is done in fox fur (No animals were hurt).

This G50 President used to have a slot machine in the back seat.  Pretty cool show car.

The Weds Kranze line is one of my personal favorites.  They are not scared to take risks in terms of design and always have a crisp clean look despite how wild they are.

The Maverick line from Weds is their affordable 2pc wheel line.

BBS LM-R’s on a Lexus LS600HL, so sick.  Thats my favorite mesh wheel.  Very baller.

They made the Toyota Crown look very Machbach-ish by adding the side headlight amber strip.  Its the details like those that you would most likely never see on a USDM build.

What a line up.

The Schwert and Varianza are the Work wheel lines that cater to this style.  Nice, artistic styled 2pc wheels at an affordable price.

Here is Works Gnosis line.  I like to call it the “Work US” line since the wheel designs look like they are catering to the US market.  Very clean wheels but I feel it lacks the “JDM touch” if you will.  Either way there is no denying that they can look sick on a well executed build.

Not to be out done by Junction Produce, Wald debuted their Black Bison Rolls Royce Phantom.  We give the win to JP on this one.  Would have helped if they lowered it but they are aiming to reach a different market so its understandable.

Toyota Celsior UCF20 with a Century front end.  One of the cleaner conversion cars out and this one makes sense unlike some.  They kept it in the Toyota high end, large luxury sedan class while remaining period correct.  The body lines of the old Celsior matches the lines of the Century.  The front nor rear looks newer or older than the other.  Good job.

One of my least favorite Toyota Crown bodies but I would still love to have these in the states.

This might be the nicest new wheel that caters to the style, this year.  Notice I never say “vip wheel” since there is no such thing as a vip part.

The Toyota MarkX is not considered a vip platform car in Japan but it still gets some love when done up in this style.  Just one of many Toyota’s we can only wish to have here in the states.

The Aimgain booth looked very classy.


10 responses to “Tokyo Auto Salon 2011

  1. Hello widebodycue, I’m also interested in this. (Please see my most recent article for details.) Your post is good to read, you have definitely provided me with some food for thought!
    Many thanks,


    • Really? I was going by the back of the VIP mags. The LM-R’s are always priced way more. Either way, I like the details in them. On the side profile, the spokes split to save weight.

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