Accomplishment: LIBERTY in March ’11 SuperStreet

It was brought to our attention that LIBERTY VIP was pictured in the March 2011 issue of Super Street magazine.  This was in the CaniBeat “First Class Fitment” car show.  Props to them and the magazine for showing love giving us the biggest pic in the spread.

This is special because its our first team shot in a magazine and we had many of our heavy hitters on hand (some in which sold their cars since).  Hopefully we can continue to get love from the media in 2011.



6 responses to “Accomplishment: LIBERTY in March ’11 SuperStreet

  1. saw this earlier this week.

    i just smile when i see cars i’m already familiar with in a printed publication.

    good work guys..

      • yeah, i’ll be at the NOS ENERGY/UTI RPM Car Meet in a black SC300. i heard u guys are gonna be there. looking forward to seeing your cars out there in person.


      • Thanks. I thought you were from Jersey for some reason. We are gonna be there but prob not with cars. Mosto f the guys are re-doing their builds over the winter, we are just going to chill really. Either way come through and introduce yourself.

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