LIBERTY GARAGE: 027 Continued

On Sunday, Don from Dreamakers Kustoms drove his truck with trailer down to Queens NY along with Nate to pick up the General’s SC430.  It turned out to be a mini-meet since Ty and myself would roll out to the area as well.  Will treated everyone to lunch and Ty would get the beers.  In NY, they are not allowed to sell beer before noon on a Sunday but Ty is comparable to Chuck Norris in these situations.  Anything is possible when he is involved.

Don modeling with a new Luxury Abstract wheel.  More on those later.

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Accomplishment: MrMark Featured in PAS Magazine

Mark once again gets some love from the magazines.  This time around it’s of his 3rd gen GS and not his M45.  The feature is in the next up coming PAS magazine (Performance Audio & Sound) available sometime in March.

You can’t deny the Liberty plate on the dash gives this ride added swag.  It’s a coincidence that it matches the black polish Trafficstar STR’s perfectly.  As far as the car goes, it is a fully done up from audio to brakes and everything in between.  The feature is well deserved from a seasoned veteran in the scene so go pick up the magazine at a newsstand near you.



Last year, Will aka “The General (TSO)” got cooking on his SC430.  The smallest car in our crew used a microwave meal modding style;  Quick and effective but left you wanting more.

The car in the state that it was shown above was unique in its own right.  There are not that many SC430’s dumped in North America let alone NY.  Being its a drop top, it will always turn heads so it doesn’t need much to command attention but it just wasn’t there from a vip style perspective.  It’s a few details away from being what it can be.

It wasn’t until he seen a picture that accidentally leaked out of my cell phone, that caused him to really go in.  “Hey convertible Bert, your fitment is caca.” -Chris

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Rodney’s new car??

If you been keeping up with the blog, you would know that Rodney sold his white Acura TL “Leche.”  He said he needs a roomier car for his family.  He has been doing a good job keeping his plans for a new car on the low for quite some time.  Little does he know that the Liberty paparazzi lets nothing slide.

I think we may have found his new car!

It has all the clues that lead us to believe this is his car from the color to the fact that it says “Rod Fam” on the plate.

Please say it aint so!


Hall of Fame 2010: Agi “WidebodyQ”

We see a lot of people in our crew doing great work and some always trying to lend a helping hand to make this team a better place to be and something to be proud of.  We all come from different walks of life, drive many different types of cars…we even come from different places across the globe.  But there’s always those people that are the cement to our foundation.  Enter…The Liberty Hall of Fame award.

To start this off, we’re doing something special.  We’re actually going to honor someone for 2010 Hall of famer…who also happens to be our January 2011 recipient.  I received many votes of praise for one individual.  Agim, AGI, or as some females know him..”Agim Jones”.

Agi at Black
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