Video: Dave Audi A8L

Check out our Audi Big body A8L rolling around the snow with no intention of getting changed for the winter.

Video by Dave, the owner of the car.  It happens to be his birthday today so lets all wish him a good one.


What’s going on world..elpres here.


Hey Everybody, just came in to get things rolling and introduce myself to those who may not know me.  I’m Mike Irion, but most people call me “elpres” based off the screen name I use across the web: elpresidente.  I’m a designer currently residing in St. Louis, MO who’s been involved with the vip movement in the US since the 90’s (got to be careful..showing my age!).  I will be blogging about several topics..from vip itself, to crew happenings, how to live low in the world of vip, as well as all of my personal trials and tribulations with my own car and driving low on the regular…

A little about me I guess.  I come from a long line of car enthusiasts and custom car builders.  My grandfather in particular was my greatest inspiration.  He’s been going at it strong since the 50’s with his crew the Cam Jammers which led him into the world of car shows by being one of the founders of the ISCA (International Show Car Association) back in the early 60’s.  He then went on to run the World of Wheels car shows across the US with Bob Larivee.  I grew up around the shows and helping at them as well.  My Mom has been a car show judge for many years and I have put my hand in that pot as well through shows I helped run back when we lived in Hawaii.  So I had little choice in the matter of becoming obsessed with cars…it was going to happen whether I liked it or not..haha.

I love it.

I worked out of several shops in Hawaii, probably most notably would be Hypersports and Atomics (where I started Vip Emporium which is currently undergoing some much needed maintenance).  Anyhow..I lived in Japan for a while in the 90’s where I really learned about the vip culture.  Shortly after that I founded Grip Video and produced 11 DVD’s across two series (Grip Video & Drift Society).  I could go on forever, so I won’t.  On with the chlorophyll!