LIBERTY GARAGE: 030 Continued

It is easy to get satisfied with greatness.  When you reach a certain level, you are no longer competing against anyone but just modifying for self enjoyment.  To others, making drastic changes to a “Best of Show” type of car would be insane.  Jermaine hit the peak of the US Y33 Q45 chassis but in his mind, it wasn’t as good as it could be.  He recently had Dreamakers Kustoms pick up the car and get to work on it.

But what exactly is getting done?

His old body shop (like many shops out there) used way too much filler on the car.  In pics, you can’t tell but in person, the gloss of the paint went from super glossy to a dull gloss finish on the quarters.  That’s because of the amount of bondo that they used on the fender pull.  D.K. prides themselves on their metal work.

The fender edge drop was entirely bondo.  “I never seen anything like this in my life.” -Nate of Dreamakers.

Jermaine is getting the fenders radiused so he can get the car to lay on the ground without tucking much wheel.  It will also be roll-able at that position (assuming the bumper and side skirts are a few mm’s from actually touching earth.

To get it that low, more work needs to be done to the suspension and body.  The stuff that you don’t see.

The upper frame rail needs to be relocated higher and the wires need to be cut and lengthened in order to clear the front tires.  He will not only be able to park lower but he will also be able to drive with the bags fully deflated.  That’s the difference between good work and great.

More coming soon.  Stay tuned, this has the making of (re)build of the year.



11 responses to “LIBERTY GARAGE: 030 Continued

  1. yup, he already had the y33 game on lock with out a doub. who said there isn’t any sense in kicking a dead dog, lol. can’t wait to see it with the new twist.

  2. I tell you what… Nate and the Crew at Dreamakers do incredible Work…

    One of my bags on my old TL completely deflated on the Cross Bronx Express way and I was able to drive home with absolutely NO body damage to the Quarter Panels… Right there says it all for the work done…

    J’s Car is in great Hands…

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