Photo Shoot Spotlight: Philly GS

This weekend in Philly, Rob got together with Kenny Cano to make a video of his Lexus GS300.  This is not any video, the shoot started at 11am and ended at 6pm and Kenny is one of the most skilled camera guys I have seen.  Check out his recent work


Video of the GS below, coming shortly.  For now, just enjoy these sick pics.

Pic Credits: Jerry Nguyen

Good thing Jerry was around to take some sick pics other wise, we would have to wait a while to get to see how the shoot went when the video becomes available.


7 responses to “Photo Shoot Spotlight: Philly GS

  1. Thanks for the credits Agi but the second to last picture is not mine. Credits should go to Josh Chiu. The picture of Rob walking away from his GS is the one I’m referring to.

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