Hall of Fame 2010: Agi “WidebodyQ”

We see a lot of people in our crew doing great work and some always trying to lend a helping hand to make this team a better place to be and something to be proud of.  We all come from different walks of life, drive many different types of cars…we even come from different places across the globe.  But there’s always those people that are the cement to our foundation.  Enter…The Liberty Hall of Fame award.

To start this off, we’re doing something special.  We’re actually going to honor someone for 2010 Hall of famer…who also happens to be our January 2011 recipient.  I received many votes of praise for one individual.  Agim, AGI, or as some females know him..”Agim Jones”.

Agi at Black

Here’s a few excerpts in no particular order of presidence:

I would like to recognize Dr AGI for his dedication and hard work, he spend hundreds of hours helping his team mates with their car plans and is aways there to give his .02. AGI was there for me when I had to pick up my car from DK, due to a few problems it took us about 18hrs round trip to get my car and he never complain once. Thanks AGI

(Ty was close to calling it quits that day. Took a few hours of convincing that it will be worth it at the end and he hasn’t stopped since. Glad we didn’t loose him that time lol)

AGI definitely gets my vote too… I remember when I convinced at getting really into this thing called VIP styling… When a dude is stuck on a side road on Willets Point in Flushing and tow trucks refuse to take his car and he still had a smile on his face and buys $40 worth of Kennedy Fried chicken and waits 6 hours to get towed… I said I need his attitude and he inspired me to get into it… After , of course, he gave me the recipe of my car that night… He said “you will crush the US scene” and like Nastrodomus he predicted it.

AGI got VIP in his blood, His heart punps that ish…………. nuff said.  Nah but really AGI is the man (no homo) theres been times I was thinking about getting out of the game but AGI keeps that new feeling going with all the ideas and creativity. When AGI came aboard and started runnin ish I knew it was game over. We are the superbowl champions rite now and AGI is the coach.

AGI deserves this cuz he is a huge part in our crew and has helped me and so many others with our attack on the VIP game. He has spent time effort and hours of drinking to help and entertain others on what VIP is all about and what liberty is all about and how we can improve our rides and many other things. He has put in so much to this team and always is there to lend a hand and his visions and ideas. Even without a car he is able to hold it down as a Bauwss, and be a huge part of this crew and rep hard all over the country and world if he can.

AGI is my choice for first Hall of Fame as he is a perfect example of where VIP is going nowadays. He is pushing the limits of stance (to the point he can’t even keep a set of wheels, he needs to get another set that is crazier), and he displays class with all his high end conversions, and simply his great attitude towards the scene and leadership for the club. Not to mention his kind welcoming through PM to a new (literally a couple days old) official member.

So where does the author of this blog sit?  I think it’s pretty unanimous across the board.

I remember Agim when he first got into the game…he had SO much excitement and was so eager to learn everything and anything he could about the world of vip.  I swear I’ve never seen someone so dedicated to put the USA on the vip map and let the mother land hear his roar.

And they did.

Countless replaced tires, suspension components, blood, sweat, and tears.  It’s a never ending battle..but we love it.

Here’s a guy who wasn’t afraid to let it all hang out on the line, to step far outside the box, and let the world know his true passion.  The kid’s got heart…who do you know that would sideline their own car, a sacrifice if you will, to make sure their other team members could get things rolling.  All the while, giving them advice and lending them a hand…and never complain.

AGI…here’s to you and all your hard work and tireless dedication to Liberty.  Cheers…


12 responses to “Hall of Fame 2010: Agi “WidebodyQ”

  1. As a guy who has watched this site flourish from the sidelines I have to say, my hat is off to Agi. You can tell he has the passion to take Liberty to the next level. I love his dedication to the scene and to everyone in the crew. Props, Agi, you deserve it.

  2. Thanks guys for the kind words. Every day is a new challenge, new members, new builds, new issues, it’s a lot of fun. If I was alone, I may have eventually got bored and quit. Without you all, the new members to help coach and the old members to share thoughts with, it wouldn’t be the same. You guys keep me entertained and in check when needed. Also thanks to everyone who was there helping me at one point or another with a car break down emergency.

  3. AGI you are definitely the Bauwss dawg for real!!! Very cool and friendly dude online with quick and effective email communication, and super cool dude in person too. It’s been great working on projects with him and even with delays he still keeps his cool and is on top of shit. He really is an all around – kick ass dude, wish more people in the world were like you bro!! 🙂

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