Rodney’s new car??

If you been keeping up with the blog, you would know that Rodney sold his white Acura TL “Leche.”  He said he needs a roomier car for his family.  He has been doing a good job keeping his plans for a new car on the low for quite some time.  Little does he know that the Liberty paparazzi lets nothing slide.

I think we may have found his new car!

It has all the clues that lead us to believe this is his car from the color to the fact that it says “Rod Fam” on the plate.

Please say it aint so!



3 responses to “Rodney’s new car??

  1. It has potential…

    Slam it with air suspension & make it lay frame!!
    Throw some 22’s on there, little bit of this, little bit of that….
    I could see it…..


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