New Addition: Aidan’s IS300

Aidan from Toronto Canada has been a huge supporter of our crew.  He is always looking to help out one way or another and is ecstatic about the movement.  This blog is long over due but lets welcome Aidan “eye ess” to Liberty vip.


LIBERTY STORE: Offical Team Member Decals

The new Liberty Vip Car Club  decals are now in.  Thanks goes to Kevin “F.L.S.” for getting them made.  They are done in JDM style hologram.

As of now, we would like to keep these reserved for only to our members.  We will have different ones made for our supporters.  If you are a member and would like one, please let us know.


Official LIBERTY Calendar Video

Kenny teamed up with us once again but this time, it was for the calendar.  Check it out.

Video credit: Kenny Cano

Pic Credits: Alex at

We are still awaiting the shipment of the calendars, they should be here soon.  Thanks for your patience.


Winter Mode Allstars: 006

While Fat Mike in his w215 Mercedes-Benz CL500 gets our friends at D2Forged to refinish his wheels, he picked up a set of Work Varianza T1S‘.  Now he can ride around in style in the meantime.  Floss daily, even in your off days; that’s the Liberty VIP thing to do.

Since they are spares which will most likely go back on the car during the winter, this is being put in the “Winter Mode Allstars section.”



Leche is back!  . . .  Sort of.

Rodney was able to secure the same license plate for his on his Mercedes-Benz R350 that he had on his legendary Acura TL.  Although his new vehicle is twice the size of the old one, it has some big shoes to fill.

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New Mystery Member

We have a new member who has been a friend of most of the north-east crew for the past few years.  He as well as his car would of been allowed in a while back had he asked sooner.  Turns out, he didn’t feel he was ready.

JP Scara’s never looked so good.  He recently had them redone to a mirror like polish finish.  Right now, he is in the process of getting his car a little lower before he officially debuts it on here.  Can you take a guess who this is?


LIBERTY GARAGE: 021 continued

Venting of the bumpers have been big in the Japanese vip scene for the last 4 years but have still to catch on here in the states.  When done to flow with the rest of the build and in moderation, it can look really clean.  Brabus notably made the 2 slits in the bumper popular in the early part of the 2000’s and are given credit for making it hot in the vip scene.

El Presidente was not scared to cut up his rare Auto Couture half bumper up on his Jaguar.  Rather than cutting two ovals, he went with the slanted rectangles to better go with the lines of the bumper.  This should look real clean once painted.