Video: Jermaine’s Exhaust

Today, Jermaine, Jerry and I went up to Dreamakers to see his car completed.  I don’t want to tell you how great it came out because that would be teasing since I don’t have any pics but Jerry will be uploading them soon.  For now, check out this new sound clip of Jermaine’s exhaust on his 4.1L V8 y33 Q45




The calendars were delayed for various reasons.  One being that the quality of the actual calendar was not what we promised you guys. When we received the demo it wasn’t done to the high level we expected so we had to redo it.

According to my photographer, the new test calendar is here and it looks real nice.  We will be ordering the rest tonight so expect them really soon.  They start in March in case you are wondering.  We are also giving away free t-shirts to those who ordered before Jan 15th.  Please email me your size if you fall into this category.

As you can see, the pictures are insane.  We will be ordering some extra copies.  If you would like one, please paypal $30 +$6 shipping to agimjones@gmail.

The calendars are super high gloss metallic, very high quality.

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