Rodney’s New Car (Real): Mercedes Benz R350

You didn’t think we were serious when we told you he bought a Ford Edge did you?  Rodney sold his beloved Acura TL a few months back and he left most of us wondering what he would get next.  He said he needed room for his kids but wasn’t ready to step away from luxury.

He upgraded to a 2008 loaded Mercedes-Benz R350.

Liberty VIP is a modified luxury sedan crew (with 2 coupes).  How does his new ride fit in?  It is classified as luxury and being a Benz,  it’s refined even in stock form.  Once he slams it on nice fitting wheels, it will fit right in. . sort of.  Does this car open the gates for “Liberty Wagons”?  We will see.  For now, lets just congratulate him and wait to see what he has in store for it.