LIBERTY GARAGE: 027 Continued

The General is not satisfied with just making it in our rotation, he wants to crack the starting 5.  The warm up suit is coming off this season.

We showed you previously that the interior was stripped prior to heading up to DK but now we know why; he had black diamond stitched inserts placed in his saddle leather.  I haven’t seen that before in a vip style build stateside so it could very well be a first.  On paper it sounded risky but after seeing it in pics, it looks great.  It should go with the black dash-board well.  No guts, Not Glory



Random Liberty Sightings: Nike SB Dunks “Statue of Liberty”

It was brought to my attention a few weeks ago that the Nike SB Dunk Statue of Liberty sneakers were going to be released in commemoration of the 125 year anniversary that France gifted us the statue.  Although I stopped caring about sneakers many years ago, I was interested in these for the obvious, they are being refered to as the “Liberty Dunks.”


Upon doing more research, I found out something interesting about these kicks;  When you scuff them up, they turn a copper color.  (The original statue was copper when France gifted her and due to oxidation has turned green.)

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