LIBERTY GARAGE: 033 Continued

We seen Alberts new shoes

but now take a look at his peticure

With these vip modular mesh wheels, you will be able to see the brakes behind them very well.  This is a bad thing if you are on stock rusty calipers and rotors.  With this fresh powder coat, these calipers should stand out for the right reasons.


Lights Out!: 006

Brandon from MA has been putting in work.  He recently had a headlight retro-fit done using M35/45 projectors in his LS400.  His stock headlights have 2 circle bowls which makes the retrofit look real clean.

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You don’t have to be a member of our crew or even own a luxury car to show support.  Liberty actually likes when people outside of the club wear our gear.  We are selling high quality pre-shrunk cotton shirts with our logo across the chest.  Our last 2 color ways were a big hit so we are re-releasing them as well as adding a new one to the mix.

*Actual shirts pictured above

For sale:



Red/Black *New*

*Not actual shirts, just a mock up.  This is what the red will look like.

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LIBERTY GARAGE: 034 Continued

Chris’ wheels are fully finished, assembled and have been shipped.  He took such a huge risk with the limited diamond quilted engraved pattern on his Luxury Abstract “Admiror’s” prior to seeing them completed.  It is a totally new concept with a high chance of failure.  I have to thank Chris for being the first to purchase a wheel I designed and believing in the idea.

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For Sale: High Polish Junction Produce Scara’s

Martin decided that its time to let these bad boys go.  He just had them re-finished last month to high polish (not chrome).  They are

19×9, 19×10.5


He wants $3,700 OBO.  Keep in mind there are the original discontinued Scara’s and are in like new condition.  Refinishing is not cheap and used JP Scara’s in decent to bad condition sell for only a few hundred less.  Hit him up directly on facebook to negotiate.


Edit: Price drop to $3,300.  He has been driving on them for the past couple of months.


LIBERTY GARAGE: 034 continued

Chris recently paid Dreamakers Kustoms his second visit.  2 years ago, he had them pull his rear fenders and the body work/paint has held up nicely with no cracking.  Now he is getting a custom body kit made along with a few other things.  This is going to give our big dog GS’ some competition in the parking lot.

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The Road To VIP: Cracked Lip

Unless you build your car and leave it in the garage, there will be lots of pain along the way.  Martin from Chicago was just showing me his new ride height.

Unfortunately, when you roll this low, you have to expect to break things.  He just cracked his TTE lip and it yanked off of the car.  Check it out

Battle wounds hurt but the scars bring pride.  This shows that he actually does drive at low heights.  Hopefully you guys won’t see it in this condition for long since presentation is a big part of this scene.

P.S. Yes those are shake weights on the upper right.  Thats how Martin gets down (no homo).