2011 First Batch of Plates

Our fresh new batch of Liberty stamped plates just flew through customs the other day.  While shirts are available to anyone in or out of the crew, these plates go to hand-picked individuals.

You might have seen these before displayed proudly on the dash’ of our rides.  They are only offered to those who not only rep us to the fullest, but have the quality cars that we are all about.  Luxury cars with nice clean panels, aggressive drop of 4″ or greater and tight-fitting, quality wheels are some of the traits we look for.

Participation is also key.  Posting on our forum, keeping in contact with crew mates, attending our meets and being somewhat active in the show/meet scene, are also important.  Real members bring something to the table. Whether it is constructive criticism, high level of participation or just positive encouragement, we look for people who give and not just take.

These are only made in small batches, twice a year.  This is so members have to stick around long enough and show a certain level of participation to have to earn their plate.  Lets see who the lucky guys are to get their plate.


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