LIBERTY GARAGE: 034 Continued

Chris’ Luxury Abstract wheels arrived at Dreamakers a couple of days ago.  Since his rear fenders previously had work done to them, he was able to fit 10″ wide width, low offsets.  The front required some light body work to fit his single digit offsets on the 9″ wide wheels.

Most peoples mindsets are that if you are going to get work done which requires paint, you might as well go as aggressive as possible.  That is not the case here.  Like many of our rides, he was aiming to keep the clean factory appearance but with a slight touch of aggressiveness.

Stay tuned.


LIBERTY GARAGE: 032 Complete

Rodney just got his car back from DK.  You would think those fogs were a factory option but they were not.  Those are Eclass fogs from the Sport model.  To keep the OEM clean look, he had DK retrofit the factory honey-comb mesh in place.  The front end looks so much better now.

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