This Is How We Do It: Bumper Vents

I put this one under “This is How We Do It” as well as “Liberty Garage: 021”, since its progress on El Presidente’s Jaguar and it is also a nice DIY.

We showed you his front bumper slits, now lets take a look at his rear vents and how he went about it.

placement and cutting:

You need to think about the way things flow and how they work with the bodylines. Usually when I am thinking of an idea for a mod, I’ll get out the good ol’ Photoshop and start trying things out..after all, it’s not permanent and can be changed around easily. After you have a grasp on what you want to do, remember the adage measure twice, cut once. Line out the contour of the proposed design and step back and take a look. Does it seem at home? Is the spacing right? Will the countour of what is being added work with where it’s being placed? Get all this down pat BEFORE you start to cut..haha. Then precisely make your cuts and take your time. A quick mistake can mean costly hours of repair.

Glassing them in (this is fiberglass thread/resin from front to back, not bondo):

It’s okay in this step to go a little thick…yes it means more time sanding…but, it allows for some blending due to the contours of the bumper. Most aero pieces are not flat and have some type of angle to them. Make sure to take it well past where you want it to be for blendings’ sake.

Looking in from behind (I decided to use two vise three since that’s what I used up front..thinking things like this through will make a build flow better and just well…make more sense):

That is not a wave in the piece, it is where the gel coat has been sanded down for the contour like I mentioned earlier.

Side view:

Here it is primed and ready to go. I took a few pics from various angles to show the contours of the vents and to describe their location:

This thing is getting painted soon and will be one of the most Japanese VIP style inspired builds out there in North America.  Stay tuned.


5 responses to “This Is How We Do It: Bumper Vents

      • That last picture, rotate it clockwise 90 degrees… That is the corner where the rear bumper attaches and that turn in is where the rear wheel well is located. I’m priming it tonight and will add a pic of the primed bumper how it would sit on the car for clarification. I’ll also word this post out as more of a DIY, Agi cut and pasted it and i didn’t go into too much detail as it was LATE..haha.

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