Just a Night Out In Japan

Dominik is in the VIP motherland, Japan.  Actually more like the modified car mother-land.  Even their stock cars are so much cooler than ours.  He can go test drive a Toyota Century for the hell of it.

Don’t let the cloth interior fool you, it is 100% wool.  Its like sitting on a high end suit.  Super baller. (Thanks Kevin for clearing that up)

After that, he gets to go hang out and run into the “300k” car club.  They are not a vip style club, they are into luxury performance.

BBS LM’s on a M5, you can’t go wrong with that look.

This was seen on the street, not the race track.

Notice a pattern?  Only AMG’s and BMW M’s here.  All tuned as well.

Dominik got to watch them street race each other all night and listen to the fine tunes of modified AMG’s and M engines roaring.  Thats living the life.

But wait, there were a few guests out to watch the races (you didn’t think we would not add some VIP content did you?)

A Nissan Gloria on Weds Kranze wheels is just one of the many vip cars out that night.

Next time, he will have this to wear out to meets.


3 responses to “Just a Night Out In Japan

  1. Dominik is the man… the coolest dude ever… Mr. International VIP! He know the VIP scene personally in 4 different Continents… I can’t wait for his trip to Indonesia…

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