Automotive Lasik surgery..”re-vision” 5.

Having undergone several “procedures” in the past, this X300 has seen quite it’s share of the operating table. The factory lighting is decent at best and only slightly improved to the X308 chassis that follows it. Rather than going the normal X300 -> X308 route..why not just take something superior and then make it even better? Well..this is what happens when the answer is “sure, why not”.

Thank you BMW! Or should I say Hella..for the 5 series black series crosshair headlights. This was the starting point.
Finding a compatible donor is really the most difficult part of the entire process. Since a few other BMW donors had been used in past procedures it was an easy choice. First step? Remove them from the BMW brackets:
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LIBERTY 3rd Annual BBQ Coverage Part 1

Thanks everyone for another successful turnout.    Our BBQ officially kicks off the season and gets the guys motivated to do more to their cars or get into the scene for the first time.  While we didn’t have as many cars as last year, the quality was top notch.

Our cook Joe, did not make the event.  Not to worry, Philly Chris went to buy a couple of grill’s and Brendan from MA took over the position.  We have to thank Both of the guys for stepping up last minute as well as everyone who brought something.

(psssst; Joey your fired!!!)

Pic Credits: Garage Spec, and Travis
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LIBERTY GARAGE: 021 continued

Picked up the car from Pro Customs tonight. Matt and I went over a bunch of things we plan to do as well as some revisions we plan to make in the coming weeks. The Leon Hardiritt Waffe’s are getting refinished this the beater wheels will have to suffice for now. Here’s a quick night time shot to hold you over till I have some good light and can clean the car up as I’m sure there’s a pound of “shop” here and there..I present you the gratuitous gas station steez:
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