Automotive Lasik surgery..”re-vision” 5.

Having undergone several “procedures” in the past, this X300 has seen quite it’s share of the operating table. The factory lighting is decent at best and only slightly improved to the X308 chassis that follows it. Rather than going the normal X300 -> X308 route..why not just take something superior and then make it even better? Well..this is what happens when the answer is “sure, why not”.

Thank you BMW! Or should I say Hella..for the 5 series black series crosshair headlights. This was the starting point.
Finding a compatible donor is really the most difficult part of the entire process. Since a few other BMW donors had been used in past procedures it was an easy choice. First step? Remove them from the BMW brackets:

Next is the step most people’s “that point of no return” time. The first incision and dis-assembly, here you see the different components from inside the housing:

This is what the projector looks like outside the housing and it will be used again:

Prior to this surgery several types of DRL (Daytime Running Lights) halos had been used. From standard 4 LED (Light Emitting Diode) fiber-optic to CCFL (Clear Cathode Fluorescent Light) tubes. This time things were stepped up with the help of Üm•nitza, who produces a ring with 60 High Output 10000mcd LEDs. These SMD (Surface Mount Diode) lights are extremely bright, yet put out low heat compared to other types of LED lighting and are in turn low voltage with low current requirements.

Here they are mounted to the ellipsoid “smiley” bracket by way of Automotive Goop which will hold it tight and hold up to any vibrations. The city light outlet (small hole near the top) was utilized to run the DRL wiring.

Re-assembly time. This type of housing puts out light to the ground by way of the ellipsoid “smily” section you see at the bottom:

Projector now installed:

The finished set all merged with the OEM X300 housing trim rings:

Here they are installed on the vehicle. They will be dialed in later when time permits, but eyeballing it seems to have worked decently enough for now. The inner crosshair high beams will be adjusted later as well. Daylight was that can wait.

With the DRL’s on in daylight, the picture was taken from slightly above as the brightness was quite amazing from dead on:

As you can see, the car is painted now as evidenced from the previous Liberty Garage 21 post. Happy light modding!


6 responses to “Automotive Lasik surgery..”re-vision” 5.

  1. Sick lookin. I been wanting to get some infiniti J30 projector headlights fitted into my camry housings for some time now.

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