LIBERTY 3rd Annual BBQ Coverage Part 1

Thanks everyone for another successful turnout.    Our BBQ officially kicks off the season and gets the guys motivated to do more to their cars or get into the scene for the first time.  While we didn’t have as many cars as last year, the quality was top notch.

Our cook Joe, did not make the event.  Not to worry, Philly Chris went to buy a couple of grill’s and Brendan from MA took over the position.  We have to thank Both of the guys for stepping up last minute as well as everyone who brought something.

(psssst; Joey your fired!!!)

Pic Credits: Garage Spec, and Travis

Will’s SC430 was one of the fan favorites there.

This was Jermaine’s first time with the car in NYC.  Most people got to see it for the first time.

King Ty had some surprises up his sleeve.  You can say he repeated his performance last year in shutting down the BBQ.

Big shout out to Brendan who was the first person in the lot at like 9:45 from MA.  He took over the grill and did a great job cooking.

The CaniBeat guys showed love by attending the BBQ.  The pic above of Chris’ car is a preview of their flyer for the First Class Fitment car show that we support.

Philly Chris has been on a mission modding his 08 M35S since we first met him a month ago.  He looks to be an up and coming problem by the end of the Summer. 

Jermaine’s car was the most photographed car there.  You can make a strong argument that he shut it down too but we were all there to just have fun and motivate each other.

After driving down 4-5 hours to the meet, we cut B some slack about his dirty wheels.

Chris did not disappoint with his new look.  His car was one of our highly anticipated rides coming into the event.

You can’t rock the wheels he has on without matching.  Check out his new LuxuryAbstract pillar posts.

Ty’s 3rd retrofit is a charm.

Franklin showed up with his JDM Accord Wagon.  The driver was on the right side.

We had Boston jokes all day.  I hope he didn’t spit in our food.

The R Class was one of the first cars in the lot.  The back seat feels like your in a limo. (no homo)

Paul got his BBK on before the event as well as a few other things.

Check out his use of those tips.  Nice!

The Luxury Abstract Chaos was on hand and unattended the whole time.  Jermaine hid it from me and I was contemplating charging everyone admission for next years BBQ.  What bugged me the most was that someone not only stole the wheel, they folded the terry cloth that was under it, perfectly.  I was glad to find out it was a joke.

There were rumors that PhillyGS wasn’t going to make it to the BBQ.  We are glad he made it out.

Being the only bright car in the lot, you couldn’t help but look at the car every chance you got.

Brendan’s car is going under the knife again.  Stay tuned.

We got a Charlie sighting.

Here is a preview of Ty’s engine.  Once he popped the hood, it was a wrap.  We are awaiting better pictures that show some of the details on his chromed out 1UZ.

Necks were braking down the BQE watching the General dodge pot-holes

Just added a Junction Produce grill to his front end.  What makes it unique is that he had it dipped in chrome.

We are still missing about 1/5th of the vip style cars that were there during the day so stay tuned for more pics.  You won’t see this many of them out here on the east anywhere else.  Black II information is coming.


16 responses to “LIBERTY 3rd Annual BBQ Coverage Part 1

  1. such a good time. cars were killing it. my favorite part was when we all pulled up into that back parking lot to shoot Simek’s GS all of the cars just rolling in one after another. classic.

  2. Had so much fun yesterday. So glad so many people showed up…lots of cool peeps. So much inspiration in one lot! Can’t wait for the next get together!

  3. another successful bbq. big props to Brendan for taking the trip down in his kaaaa and cooking those crack burgers. i tore up like 4 burgers lol. Glad to meet some new faces. cant wait for the next gathering!

  4. It was great meeting you guys . Seeing everyones car inspired me to brake the bank! Lol driving there behind chris, ty and wil made realize i need BAGS asap. But again it was a pleasure . N this wont be the last time u see me. see you guys soon.

    My car made blog lol

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