New Addition: Jerry LS400

Jerry has been our photographer from the start.  He has been tagging along to all our meets and shows since we only had 4-5 cars.  He was considered a member by those in the crew but until he bought a luxury car, it wouldn’t be official.

He recently picked up a LEXUS UCF10 LS400 (Joe’s twin) and looks to get to work soon.  In stock form, it’s not that impressive but it won’t stay this way for long.  Lets congratulate him on the new ride.


9 responses to “New Addition: Jerry LS400

  1. Congrads!!! Jerry… That’s a real good look…

    Too many things in common Joe & Jerry… Too many (no homo) – Photos, Detailing & a UCF10… Oh my…

  2. So happy for my dude, When Jerry picked the car up he had a smile from ear to ear. Even though this is his first VIP project Jerry has always been with us to almost every event supporting and using his dope photography skills on the Liberty cars. I’m excited to help Jerry build the Philly LS

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