No Guts, No Glory: King Ty 2011 Edition

We told you that Ty recently changed a bunch of things up for our last BBQ but now we have some pictures to back that up (thanks to Ray at GarageSpec).

Pic Credits: Garagespec

Check out the custom center console, looks baller.  The Cherry wood compliments the tone of the leather and darker dash pretty well but he did not get it right on one try.  He sent his entire interior wood trim pieces to get dipped a total of three times to achieve the color he wanted.  He didn’t stop there.

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New Addition: “Philly” Chris M35S

The car has been mentioned a few times on here which made me forget to give him a brief introduction.

Philly Chris (we have way to many Chris’ so he is now stuck with that nickname) owns a retail shop in Philly called Good Vibes Auto.  He has been a solid contributing member since he first met up with us at a M35/45 meet in Jersey a few months back and became apart of the crew almost instantly.

From attending every show/meet to allowing us to use the shop for air installs, Chris has been all about the team.  Then on top of that, his car did a quick transformation from the time we first seen it which shows us he looks to take it to the next level.  This facelift version 08 M is far from done modding so be on the look out for this ride in future blogs.  Lets give off a “good vibe” by officially welcoming him.