No Guts, No Glory: King Ty 2011 Edition

We told you that Ty recently changed a bunch of things up for our last BBQ but now we have some pictures to back that up (thanks to Ray at GarageSpec).

Pic Credits: Garagespec

Check out the custom center console, looks baller.  The Cherry wood compliments the tone of the leather and darker dash pretty well but he did not get it right on one try.  He sent his entire interior wood trim pieces to get dipped a total of three times to achieve the color he wanted.  He didn’t stop there.

He added the factory wood grain wheel and had a few plastic pieces dipped as well to compliment the rest of the interior.  The head unit Navigation was also changed up (more on that later on along with the details on his audio, in an “iced out” feature).

The details that he goes the extra mile to achieve, are what make him the King.  He had custom speaker panels made on the bottom of the doors which you can hear from 3 blocks away.  The upper door panel is unique as the factory wood does not swoosh like an upside-down Nike logo.  That’s all custom.

This right here was 2pc but he had it combined for added rich touch to an already plush interior.

You can see more of Ty’s white GS at Summer slam, June 26th.  See you there/


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