New Addition: Kam 2gs

This past winter, a bunch of members from all over the US, flew out to a show in Florida to all hang out while getting away from the cold weather.  Some of the guys had previously never met any other members before.  One of the guys down in Orlando that we met  up with was Kam.  He’s the owner of this olive-green Junction Produce GS pictured below.

You might notice the Team Solo banner on his windshield as well.  Liberty is a team of vip style car fanatics.  There is lots of freedom in what we are about from our molding style (within the scene) to being involved with other crews.  We are more than just a car club, we are about uniting the scene on a global level.  Because of that, being apart of another family is ok.  Lets face it, you are still going to hang out with your boys regardless of what team they are in.  It doesn’t make a difference to us.

This is a very long over due intro but we wanted to wait until he had his plate on display first.

Despite him not meeting any of the members prior to our trip, we all got along like he been apart of our crew since day one which is very important to us.  The car speaks for its self, he has the determination to go to the next level and we are honored to have him apart of the crew.

Let’s welcome Killa Kam from Orlando Florida.