Road To VIP: Bent Wheels

These NYC/North East streets are very unforgiving.  They don’t care if you baby your car or if you have a show coming up in a few days, they will still get you!

Ruben took a loss to the hands of the Bronx streets.This hurts my eyes but also brings a sense of pride at the same time.  These guys out here are really committed.  They don’t let horrible roads get in the way of them doing something they want.  If you bend them, you fix them until they are not worth fixing anymore and start the process over with a new set.  That’s what it is all about.

Ruben is keeping his head up.  The car will still make it to SummerSlam this Sunday, June 26th at Englishtown NJ


9 responses to “Road To VIP: Bent Wheels

  1. Unfortunately..this is a fact of life in NY….Cross BX EXP got me twice last year and the Grand Central out by LGA got me already this year….. 3pc FTW!!! Rebarrel and on the road again before the weekend

  2. AAAOoOoooWWwwwwww!!!

    I feel the same way, the Bronx don’t have nothing on dedication… Ruben had the wheel at the wheel repair spot within 2 hours of it happening… and the next evening he was rolling on the same streets, but he point of interest tagged the location on his Navi… LOL

    Quality wheels are a must in NYC…

    Got to play to play specially if you daily your car like Ruben does… AYE!

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