LIBERTY GARAGE: 036 continued

At our last BBQ yesterday (pics coming soon), we did some test fits.  I brought one of Chris’ Luxury Abstract Stella wheels with me to make one last effort to get him to stay with the brushed lips.  After everyone seen them in person, It was an unanimous decision to keep them this way.  They will stay brushed for one season at least.

As you can see, body work is a must.

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The Road To VIP: Getting Turned Down By Tow Trucks

Liberty shutting down the Southern State Parkway in NY!-Not quite.  This is the ugly part of the game that often gets over looked; the struggle.  Ty recently ran into a series of bad luck events that had his car sidelined on the highway for hours.  One of his airbags which had a slow leak, popped.  Before we get into a debate about bags, this one was user error.

He recently replaced his bags with smaller ones to allow him to drive much lower while keeping a nice ride.  That means the max lift from the ground position is about 3″ tops where it used to be closer to 4.5″.  When you change things, sometimes it takes a while before it becomes embedded in your brain.  The PSI reading in the old bags to achieve what he considered a comfortable ride, was pushing these new bags to their limits.  Ty went by the pressure that was shown in the gauges, forgetting that new bit of info.  He had more than these smaller bags were built for which caused one to pop.

During this time he tried getting a tow but they kept turning him down.  He waited hours.  You will find out that tow trucks hate towing lowered cars because it takes so much longer and there is a risk of parts breaking off as they drag.  His friend Vlad came to help him out with a battery charger and stick around for moral support which he is grateful about.  Ty was finally able to get a tow about 4-5 hours later and said he won’t let this experience scare him off.  What doesn’t kill you will make you stronger.


Updates: Kevin’s New Suspension

Our west coast captain Kevin “FLS”, has been awaiting the arrival of a new-born as well as coilovers.  His Y34 M45 was the prototype vehicle used for the “Parts by Max” company.  Because his set is the first, it took longer to create since they had to test and develop them for the chassis.

These coilovers get the car lower while improving the ride over his past setup.  They also look like a million bucks.  Can you blame the guy for anticipating these babies more than his own?

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Philly BBQ Saturday July 30th

This Saturday, we are having our second BBQ of the year.  Just like the previous year, the later one in the season is held in Philly.  Chris is hosting it in his shop “Good Vibes Auto.”  Come out for some burgers, laughs and sick cars.

Here is the facebook event page for more info

Good Vibes Autosport

328 Maple Ave
Horsham, PA


Philly Chris joined our team not too long ago and he has turned out to be one of our most contributing members.  While his 2008 Infiniti M35S looks great as is, having to look at Jermaine’s car every single day (which is in his shop) as well as rolling with some of our heavy hitters at shows, played a toll on him.  He is ready to take it to the next level.  

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