This Is How We Do It: Taking Apart 3pc Wheels

We last left you with Joe “Burgy’s” interior build about 5 months ago and haven’t mentioned his car much since then.  Well he is still around and always up to something on his Y33 Q45.  Recently, he purchased a now classic wheel, the Lowenhart LSR, and is rebuilding them.  When you rebuild a wheel, it can get really time-consuming and expensive.  You have to love the wheel in order to do so since it will end up costing roughly what the wheel cost new (when you factor in the cost of the wheels, new hardware, lips and finishing).

We recommend marking a line where the face meets the inner barrel (if you plan on keeping the inner) so it lines up easier when re-assembling the wheel.  When all the bolts are unscrewed, the faces still may be stuck in there.  This is where you need some force but you must be careful with what you use to avoid damaging the wheel.  A rubber mallet is a good tool to use for this.

He removed the faces all by hand, not power tools.  This former pro baseball player swears that no performance enhancing drugs were used prior to the disassembly of the wheels.

Stay tuned to see what color scheme he comes up with.


2 responses to “This Is How We Do It: Taking Apart 3pc Wheels

  1. Hahaha… I can testify to that!!!

    Nice work Burgy… I know it’s going to be a real rewarding day when you put these wheels on the Q… nothing like putting in your own work…

    Keep us posted.

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