BLACK II: Date and Categories

Black II will be in NJ, Saturday Oct 1st.  We can’t give out the location until we get the flier complete but we want to get the word out for now.  It is going to be at a large venue and if all goes well, this be the permanent home for the show.  The potential is huge since specialty shows gain cult like followings.  This can be the next Waterfest (it will take some time to get there but we can do it).

Pic Credit: Chancellor-carter

Trophy Categories include

  • 1st-3rd Lexus Large Sedan 2001+
  • 1st-3rd Lexus Large Sedan 90-00
  • 1st-3rd Infiniti Large Sedan 2001+
  • 1st-3rd Infiniti Large Sedan 90-00
  • 1st-2nd Mercedes Benz Large Sedan
  • 1st-2nd Euro Large Sedan
  • 1st-2nd Domestic Luxury Sedan
  • 1st-2nd Japanese Other Luxury Sedan
  • 1st-2nd Exotic Sedan
  • 1st-2nd Euro Luxury Coupe
  • 1st-2nd Japanese Luxury Coupe
  • 1st-2nd Vip Style Van/Box/Wagon
  • Best Tuck Fitment
  • Best Flush Fitment
  • Best Interior
  • Best Ice
  • Best Paint
  • Lowest Drive-able
  • Best Team Presented by Liberty VIP
  • Best of Show + $2,000 Luxury Abstract Wheel Gift Certificate*
  • Most miles driven to attend
  • Lowest static
  • Most JDM VIP
  • Fan Favorite
  • Best non Vip Luxury
If you are in the vip/luxury scene, this is our Superbowl.  Many will be traveling across US and Canada to make this one.  Stay tuned for more details.  Sponsor inquiries to be sent to

5 responses to “BLACK II: Date and Categories

  1. You may want to edit the categories. As it stands, Y33, 2GS, and 2LS each compete in 2 classes depending on the year.

    • We can push it up 1 year to 01+ which is what we might do but we purposely wanted the years to over lap since the 2GS is dominating the scene out here with over 25 of them

  2. Sigh. Patience is a virtue. Life has no script. I figured my exterior would atleast be done along with a next set of wheels so that I could make it to this one. But it’s lookin doubtful, hopefully I’m done with school for real in december. Then I can focus on gettin this thing together for black 3. Fingers crossed.

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