*Accomplishments* Nax and Aidan Spotted in PAS Mag

In this months PAS (Performance Audio and Sound), a couple of our members were spotted in the readers rides section.  Our boy Nax from St. Lauderdale, FL as well as Aidan from Toronto, Canada.

Congrats to the guys getting some much deserved recognition.  Something tells me you might see some more Liberty features soon.



LIBERTY BABIES: Philly Chris’ New Born

Chris G’s wife from Philly (white M35S) just had a healthy 8 pound baby boy.  Will a mini-van be in his future?  Lets ask the baby what he thinks of that idea.

Guess not.



Day in the Life: Final Clean Before Importfest Setup

Here is a small video Aidan took while we finished cleaning the cars (well most of us……..Kingpin) and waited for the doors to be opened.  This will give you something else to hold you over until more coverage is released.  You can see in the video how well lit the area was for rolling in and taking some shots.  Sorry for the shakiness of the video, it was shot with a cell phone HD cam while walking.

Stay tuned for more footage from our new friends at Stance Is Everything, Stretch & Poke, Auto Blog, SLC Magazine and a video from In Tuned Online.

Liberty VIP’s Arrival to Importfest

This past weekend, some members went up to our northern neighbours to show with our Canadian Chapter at their local show Importfest.  They have been working very hard on getting us up there and did whatever they could to secure us with prime locations in the show.

It was a long road to get to the show with a lot of hiccups during preparation.  As seen in the latest post about Hurricane Irene, Ty was intending to come, with last minute preperation, but returned home to tend to family making sure they were safe.  Mike decided long ago that he was not going to miss this show.  He made sure he got his rims back from D2 just in time for the show.  Brendan was supposed to join him, but unfortunately his car was not completed in time; so Jermaine and Dave got the Y33 ready and made the last minute trip plans the week of departure.

For set up, Aidan got us all to meet at his house as it was on the way to the show.  First to arrive was Mike as he rolled in on the Thursday.  It was perfect as Aidan was able to get an appointment booked for a last minute alignment to fit his new wheel sizes.

Brendan at Aidan's

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Update: Dave is Back

After dealing with endless headaches due to multiple bent and cracked AME rims, Dave decided to do something else.  Check out his new look on his Audi A8L.

Liberty is found in his wheel choice.  It is unique to the rest of the crew which consists of multi-piece rims.  The fitment of his Range Rover wheels as well as his new lower stance, help pull off the look flawlessly.

I think its safe to say he will make it to Black 2 with rims on this year.

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Hurricane Irene Aftermath

We like to thank everyone for the support.  Luckily, none of our families, homes and cars were affected by the hurricane that hit.  Some say, it was over-hyped while others say they just lucked out.  Mayor Bloomberg of NYC did a great job evacuating people and providing shelter for those who were in the low-rise areas.

Ty was suppose to go to Import Fest in Canada.  He had his room booked and his car ready with a couple spare wheels in the back.  He also had to pull an all-nighter to do some last minute repairs in order to get there safely.  With the TV and newspapers covering nothing but the potential hurricane, he had to put his priorities in check.  Being a family man, he chose to stay home to be with his kids in case anything was to happen.

While we would of loved to have the car up north supporting us at the show, no one in the crew is arguing that he made the right decision.  Had this tree in the picture feel on his car, it would have felt like the movie Final Destination since he stayed home to keep himself, family and car safe. Continue reading