Update: CubanGS Exterior Refresh

CubanGS is earning the reputation around Liberty as being the west-coast Ty.  When ever you blink, he has something new done (and to a high standard).  It is getting hard to keep up with this guy while continuing to spread the love to other members on the blog but I am sure you won’t mind.

Wald exhaust tips sit in the rear while his fender vents were re-done in flat black Brabus 2010+ style

His 1st gen GS pulls off the modern Japanese vip style very well.  In fact, you can put it in the elite for that category in north america.
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Liberty Summer BBQ In Philly

Chris @ Good Vibes Auto, hosted our BBQ at his shop.  It was a great overall turnout but as far as VIP goes, we didn’t have a strong showing but we still had many crew members in attendance.  To the people who didn’t go, you guys missed out on good times.  There was a beer pong table.  I teamed up with Dave and we were like the 86 Celtics.  I was Bird, he was Parish.  We were unstoppable at one point and opposing players wanted nothing better than to beat us due to my loud, rude, drunken taunting.  Suck it b*tches!

Pic Credits: 06m4.5

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