The Road To VIP: Having Tow Trucks Ruin Your Car

When we last left you off with Ty, he was on the side of the road, getting turned down by tow trucks.  Well when he finally got on one, it did damage to his car.  There was nothing he could do about it since his ride would not lift up.  He had to replace his side skirts and his custom rear bumper.  His LS460 bumper was over nighted to Dreamakers Kustoms so they could work on it and get it out before the Dub show this weekend in MD (which we will have a few cars at).

It sucks when you have your plans pushed back just to get your car in the condition it was in.  Ty should be picking up his car on Thursday.  This is the third time his rear bumper has been damaged.  When asked if he plans to have his custom rear lifted a bit (since they can mold it in higher if he wants) he said absolutely not.  He loves the look and the way it hangs. *Pause

There you have it, he rather deal with the potential issues just to keep the look.