BLACK 2 Promo Photo Shoot

Last Saturday we began shooting for our flyer for Black 2 which is to be held on Oct 1st in Raceway Park, Englishtown NJ.

The original shoot was scheduled last week but had to be canceled.  I had previous arrangements and couldn’t make the new date.  A huge thanks goes to Dave T. and the CaniBeat guys as well as the Liberty members who participated and were in attendance *Rob, Jermaine, Philly Chris, Dave, Travis.  We would also like to thank the airport hanger for allowing the shoot to be held there.  Thanks a lot guys.  Stay tuned for the flyer.  Read more for a behind the scenes look at how the shoot went.

Such a dope spot.  This is where the CaniBeat First Class Fitment car show was held last year (our show is not being held there, it is in Raceway park Englishtown NJ)

The CaniBeat guys came prepared with all the fancy equipment.  Extension cords, tripods, ladders, lights and planes, they had it all

We chose this combination of cars for a few reasons; We wanted a couple veterans with solid followings (Rob’s Silver GS and Jermaines Red Q45) along with some new blood which has been creating a buzz as of late, Philly Chris.  There is also a contrast in modding styles across the board, colors, and models.  Not to mention, they all happen to reside close to each other which made it a no brainer.

The original Philly, aka Rob

“Get off my ladder boy!  Show me what your working with!”

We don’t want to know what else happened to Dave.

Jermaine planking out of excitement.  “We got G4’s and G5’s bitches!”

The title sponsor Luxury Abstract is proud of this one.


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