Last year, Brendan’s car became one of our top players after his series of body mods which included a custom body kit and trunk-conversion (you can go through the Liberty Garage: 004).  It seemed like his wheel choice and weak specs were holding back the car from its full potential.

After a full show quality re-spray, you would think he would avoid more work at all costs.  That is not the case.  With most of the top US F50 Q’s parted out, or out of the game, the crown is within reach for that category.  Not that it wouldn’t hold his own regardless.  If you met Brendan, you would know that is far from his intentions as he just wants to have fun and “keep up” with the Liberty guys, but the talk will come from the people.  Looks like we have a new center in our lineup, a position we lost when Tommi’s LS430 flew down south to Texas.  The pressure is there, lets see if he comes through in the clutch.

It will be the first car rocking one of the most sought after new wheels in 2011,

the Luxury Abstract Grassor-C

New wheels and fender work are not all thats up his sleeves.  Stay tuned as this will be our most anticipated build of the Fall.  Expect the car to be completed by Black 2


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