New Addition: Yudi Kingpin Y34 M45

Yudi from Toronto Canada has been friends with many of our members for a while.  It was just a matter of time before he joined the crew.  Kingpin put in his time served so lets officially welcome him to our club.  The car is a first generation M45 Y34 chassis which sits on a Junction Produce bodykit.  He is currently not wasting anytime as the M is now in the shop for a make over.

Check out his old look.  We will update you on the progress of his transformation soon.


First Look: 2013 Lexus GS

The Lexus GS has been the most influential car in the US VIP scene.  I can make a bold statement saying that if it wasn’t for the second gen GS, the style would have never taken off the way it did in north America. The car also took Lexus to new heights as the 2GS sold an unprecedented amount of mid size luxury sedans from 98-05.  After that success, the third gen had enormous shoes to fill.  Going from Lexus’ best selling model to worst selling one would classify that attempt as a failure.  It’s now time to destroy and rebuild and start over with a new model.

After seeing the LF-GH concept live in NY, I couldn’t wait to see the toned down production version.  There are things I really like about this model but for the most part, it leaves me wanting more. Continue reading