First Look: 2013 Lexus GS

The Lexus GS has been the most influential car in the US VIP scene.  I can make a bold statement saying that if it wasn’t for the second gen GS, the style would have never taken off the way it did in north America. The car also took Lexus to new heights as the 2GS sold an unprecedented amount of mid size luxury sedans from 98-05.  After that success, the third gen had enormous shoes to fill.  Going from Lexus’ best selling model to worst selling one would classify that attempt as a failure.  It’s now time to destroy and rebuild and start over with a new model.

After seeing the LF-GH concept live in NY, I couldn’t wait to see the toned down production version.  There are things I really like about this model but for the most part, it leaves me wanting more.

With the mature look on the 3rd gen, which wasn’t particularly great at anything, even distant competitors such as Jaguar took a share in the mid size luxury sedan category (XF).  They once had that segment in vice grips.  Will this model re-own the market?

The front end makes a bold statement.  Maybe too bold for the rest of the car.

The front looks less Audi-like compared to the concept now that the center of the grill is color matched to the vehicle.  I don’t like the bumper at all.  The grill and lines are alright.  There is potential via after market.

I can’t say I am feeling the car is stock form.  It will be sure to be mistaken for a Nissan Maxima and Infiniti G37, very frequently.  If accepted in our scene, maybe Maxima’s will be too :p

It lacks the feel of all of its German competitors and I don’t even see it being the best looking Japanese luxury sedan in its class either (Infiniti M37/56).

It does have a few bright spots such as the rear.  I love the fact that they are incorporating a modern Japanese “vip style” rear bumper.  After going wrong with sales, I am sure they fell back and monitored the forums to see what owners of the 3GS were into.  Looks like something from Job Design and the best part is that this is stock.  Thanks for giving us a new bumper to use for retro-fits.  The trunk is very attractive too as there are no hard lines on the side of the plate holder.  It is very clean, Audi style.

This is the nicest Lexus interior to date, they nailed it.  There was always a big gap in terms of looks between how the Germans did interiors compared to Lexus.  While Lexus always had superb fit to finish and clean cockpits (pause), they lacked the assertiveness of their German rivals such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi.  That gap is now gone (or a lot smaller).  Good job.

This sexy view along with the interior, make up for lots.  There is room for improvement via body kits to help the esthetics which will make this a fun car to modify.  Will this model GS return back to the top?  Only time will tell.  Overall, I feel it fell short of what it could have been but it is an improvement over the current model and a step in the right direction.

Here is a quick photoshop that Pavel from Estonia did for us.  Look at that before you pass judgement on the car.  In stock forum, its not so sick but in vip trim, this car is going to be a show stopper.


6 responses to “First Look: 2013 Lexus GS

  1. Seriously considering this car now that I’ve seen the production version online in pics. I like it.though I do wish they kept the split headlighting. With the new e-class out and it’s split headlights looking amazing. Lexus had the time and potential to make an equally beautiful dual headlight setup. Instead they got lazy like BMW and will probably make all their cars look the same, with this and the CT200h not too distant looking from one another from the front end. I can only imagine that the next IS as well as LS will share many similarities with this car.

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