Hurricane Irene Aftermath

We like to thank everyone for the support.  Luckily, none of our families, homes and cars were affected by the hurricane that hit.  Some say, it was over-hyped while others say they just lucked out.  Mayor Bloomberg of NYC did a great job evacuating people and providing shelter for those who were in the low-rise areas.

Ty was suppose to go to Import Fest in Canada.  He had his room booked and his car ready with a couple spare wheels in the back.  He also had to pull an all-nighter to do some last minute repairs in order to get there safely.  With the TV and newspapers covering nothing but the potential hurricane, he had to put his priorities in check.  Being a family man, he chose to stay home to be with his kids in case anything was to happen.

While we would of loved to have the car up north supporting us at the show, no one in the crew is arguing that he made the right decision.  Had this tree in the picture feel on his car, it would have felt like the movie Final Destination since he stayed home to keep himself, family and car safe. Continue reading