Liberty VIP’s Arrival to Importfest

This past weekend, some members went up to our northern neighbours to show with our Canadian Chapter at their local show Importfest.  They have been working very hard on getting us up there and did whatever they could to secure us with prime locations in the show.

It was a long road to get to the show with a lot of hiccups during preparation.  As seen in the latest post about Hurricane Irene, Ty was intending to come, with last minute preperation, but returned home to tend to family making sure they were safe.  Mike decided long ago that he was not going to miss this show.  He made sure he got his rims back from D2 just in time for the show.  Brendan was supposed to join him, but unfortunately his car was not completed in time; so Jermaine and Dave got the Y33 ready and made the last minute trip plans the week of departure.

For set up, Aidan got us all to meet at his house as it was on the way to the show.  First to arrive was Mike as he rolled in on the Thursday.  It was perfect as Aidan was able to get an appointment booked for a last minute alignment to fit his new wheel sizes.

Brendan at Aidan's

Shortly after, Yudi (Kingpin) arrived with his Y34 ready to do one last clean.  Aidan and Kingpin hosted Mike and his friend Tom with several orders of Pizza and Beer.  They didn’t hold out on being great hosts right from the start.  Brett went straight to the show to setup upstairs but his location moved due to the rearranging of entries.  Brett later met up at Aidan’s house to roll in his other vehicle and hang out with the team.

Once Jermaine and Dave showed up at Aidan’s, they desperately ran to the closest car wash to rinse down the car from the 9hr drive.  The setup time close was set for 11 and they arrived at 9:30pm.

Upon arrival in front of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre where the show was, there were already crowds of people staring and taking pictures of our cars as we parked out front.  You could see right through the front as it is full of windows showcasing the Lobby where all the cars would be.  As there were less than expected coming to show with us, Aidan and Dave went up to talk to the organizer Basit to see if we can get Brett’s car downstairs for a full Liberty VIP lobby location.  After Dave did a little convincing, we got it Brett downstairs.

Setting up took a long while as we all waited for the security to open the doors for us to get our cars in there.  After moving the cars around and putting them into position, everyone got the finishing touches in on the cars while Aidan put together his Bamboo Nobori Flag stands.  The Nobori Flags helped make the team look official with their presidential treatment in the lobby.  Finishing touches were sanctions added by the Importfest staff to help keep the cars safe at the show and prevent people touching them.  Here is the end result of the setup:

As you can see, the location we got was very impressive and allowed us to be the highlight of the show.  People who were not intending to see the show would see us first and still take pictures of the cars.
To get an idea of what the day was like the following day before we blog about it, here is a sneak peak of a view from upstairs with how many people were in the lobby at one time:

8 responses to “Liberty VIP’s Arrival to Importfest

  1. that’s official… Definitely SHUT IT Down! from the Start… “You see Liberty coming and you see Liberty leaving. OKEY… AYE!!!”

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