BLACK2: Best Tucked Fitment vs. Best Flush Fitment

How did we manage to get both of the hottest car blogs, Canibeat and Stance:Nation at the same show?  I think only Liberty VIP can pull this one off.  This is like having Coca-Cola and Pepsi sponsoring the same event- Not happening.

The Canibeat guys are real cool with us.  They were with us from the start, taking pics of our cars and coming out to our gatherings.  If we ever needed a shoot done, they were always willing to come through.  We help each other out like with our flyer.  We gave them some of our cars to use and they let us use their hanger for ours and it worked out great for both parties.

Stance:Nation has always been supportive as well by giving us features over the years.  Out of all the blogs, they do the most vip car coverage which includes lots of Japanese cars.  You can tell they really love the style since more times than not, there is a VIP car on their daily facebook posts.  It was only right to extend the offer to them and they gladly accepted.

Both these sites have one thing in common, the cars featured have to have sick wheel fitment.  Great wheel fitment can come in the form of a tuck or by having the fender edge rest on the wheel lip (flush).  The perfect tuck just clears the fender by a hair.  While you can sit and argue which is better/harder to achieve and discuss which you prefer, they are both an important part of the VIP scene (and stance scene).  Without further ado, check out the Best Tuck Fitment and Best Flush Fitment awards presented by Stance:Nation and Canibeat.

You can’t win both so you have to focus your efforts on one or the other depending on which you like the best. Continue reading


Its time to say farewell fellas.   I came in very positive and just want to leave on a good note.  I met some cool people along the way.  I think I made about every mistake you can ever make in building a car but I had a lot of positive feedback with the end result.  I hope that I made an imprint to inspire others.  I’d like to thank my extended family in Hawaii.  I’d like to thank LIBERTY VIP for pushing the envelope and trying new things. Collectively as group if we put just as much heart and effort into the behind side “NO HOMO” of being a crew, that we put into our cars, we would certainly be on a quest for world domination with no hate involved.  You live, you learn, you move on.  I strongly support LIBERTY VIP “the movement”. Continue reading

LIBERTY GARAGE: 037 Continued

Dreamakers let me get another pic of this beast.  They are wrapping this car up and getting it painted for BLACK 2 on Saturday.  I believe this car will be a threat at both the “Fan favorite” and “Most JDM vip style.” awards.

Luxury Abstract Grassor-C’s in aggressive specs.  6-piston Rotora brakes.  Work performed at Dreamakers Kustoms.



Update: Philly Chris Temp Fender Work

Since he bought his aggressive Luxury Abstract wheels, we all been waiting on Philly Chris to get the body work done at Dreamakers kustoms.  There he plans to keep the factory fender body line, while making enough room to fit these bad boys but the shop has been a little busy.  Obviously, he wanted to roll on his new wheels (and also didn’t have a choice since the faces of his previous Trafficstar wheels cracked on the harsh Philly roads) so he did a fender roll pull on his quarter panels for the time being.  Thats how his fenders got chewed up/.  Other than that, the car was minty so those wrinkly panels stuck out in his mind like an elephant in the room (not a fat joke, please don’t hurt me).

Even with 4 air suspension builds and 2 audio installs at his shop Good Vibes Auto, he managed to find the time to actually do some body work to his own quarters which includes paint.  Before we could ask, he said “the car is still going to Dreamakers to get it perfected but I can’t go to the two biggest shows of the year (Black 2 this Saturday and Canibeat “first class fitment” on the 15th) with dimpled quarters.”  Talk about dedication; Doing fender work w/ paint, knowing that you are going to get it redone in 2-3 weeks.  That is serious commitment to the game and we applaud your efforts.


Update: Ruben’s M45 on Air

When I get a pic text from Ruben, there is a 100% probability that it will include a naked female.  He broke the statistic on Saturday when he sent some pics of his car slammed.  Ruben, one of our first members to the crew, was starting to feel the subconscious pressure of being one of the highest cars in the club.  With Black 2 less than a week away, his timing couldn’t have been any better.

His auto-leveling install was done by another white M driver, Philly Chris at Good Vibes Auto.  On his air install, he got help from Rodney.  Welcome to the slammed club. Continue reading