This is How We Do It: Mounting Stretched Tires

This Labor Day, Dreamakers got to the shop early to put in work.  They demonstrate how they stretch a couple of tires without a cheetah (bead-blaster).  Sorry the videos dont display since they are not on youtube/vimeo but they are worth the click.  Very funny.

tire stretch video 1

Beat that tire like it stole something!!!

Tire stretch video 2.  Watch your face!

Here he shows us a less safe method.  Dont forget the goggles and ear plugs.

while a 265/30 on a 11.5 doesn’t seem like a stretch, don’t be fooled by the “265”.  The sidewall on a 30 is shorter so there is less room to stretch.  To put in in perspective, the stretch would be similar to a 245/35 on a 11.5″

As you can see, this car is going to need more than stretched tires.



5 responses to “This is How We Do It: Mounting Stretched Tires

  1. 265/30 didn’t seem that serious when it was stretched on some 11″ joints I had… I guess a fraction of an inch matters (no homo) LOL!

    This is going to be one hell of a End of season Build… I’m excited…

    • Depends on the brand. Plus with a smaller sidewall, the .5 really does make a difference. a 265/30 almost will never hold on a 12 depending on the brand (from my experiences). There really is no room as the tire is flatter on top cause of the angle of the stretch is more severe than a 35

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