Lowest Drive-able Category at Black 2

Rob just switched up his suspension to get lower all around, while maintaining a nice firm ride.  He is now on shortened BC coilovers with UAS bags on top.  According to Philly, he said he wishes he made the switch a lot earlier since it “rides like a hubba-craft.”

With his new ride hight, you have to wonder if he will win the “Lowest drive-able” award at Black 2?  In this category, cars must roll about 1 foot and the measurements are taken from the bottom of the front door edge.  Why 1 foot?  First off, safety precaution.  Second, less than a foot can be won by “cheating.”  What we mean by cheating is parking your car a lot lower than it can actually drive at, and gassing it to go a couple of inches.  By having to drive a foot, you can’t really fake the funk. Continue reading