Lowest Drive-able Category at Black 2

Rob just switched up his suspension to get lower all around, while maintaining a nice firm ride.  He is now on shortened BC coilovers with UAS bags on top.  According to Philly, he said he wishes he made the switch a lot earlier since it “rides like a hubba-craft.”

With his new ride hight, you have to wonder if he will win the “Lowest drive-able” award at Black 2?  In this category, cars must roll about 1 foot and the measurements are taken from the bottom of the front door edge.  Why 1 foot?  First off, safety precaution.  Second, less than a foot can be won by “cheating.”  What we mean by cheating is parking your car a lot lower than it can actually drive at, and gassing it to go a couple of inches.  By having to drive a foot, you can’t really fake the funk.

Why are we doing it this way?  If you measure from the roof, cars with lower roof lines, which may he higher off the ground, have a chance of winning.  If you measure from the bottom of the front bumper, the car may just be low there but not in the rear.  If you measure from the side skirts, the car can gain an advantage from having a low body kit.  You really can’t gain an advantage by checking the bottom of the door.  It is also the middle point of the car so it’s equally low front/rear.

*Participation is optional in this event.  Dreamakers Kustoms gave me the idea and they are also designing the trophy.  Getting cars low is their specialty so naturally, we are letting them present it.  Numbers don’t lie!

Specialty awards like this will make Black 2 a fun event for the hardcore enthusiasts who go the extra mile to get an extra mm lower.  While those cars may not particularly take home an award for being the top car in their category, they still have a shot at bragging rights.  I want to see this class evolve to where people are chopping up their frames and body kits, to get the cars seriously low, Japan style.



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