LIBERTY GARAGE: 037 Continued

Remember how much Brendan’s wheels were poking?  Even DK was telling me the specs were too aggressive.  Not to worry, they got this.

Brendan is the first to debut the Grassor-C from Luxury Abstract.  He still never seen his own wheels yet in person.

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Import Evolution Coverage

Our club is unique since we have so many chapters and members.  The chemistry is perfect with in.  We can go to any show, with a whole different cast of members/cars, and all get along.  You never know what cars will come out due to the issues associated with riding hard (things breaking, tires popping, or just being a family man for the weekend) but it’s usually always an over whelming response from the people and a guaranteed good time for us.  Having fun at events is what this is all about.  Win or lose, we always show love to the winners.

Shutting shit down.  King Ty won his first “Best of Show” award and the people of Worcester showed us all lots of love.

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