Rollin: Travis Y33 Q45

I bet Travis didn’t realize I was taking pics of his car while driving to the side of it.  Camera phone pictures suck.  I am not going to say they don’t but the unexpected pics “keep it real.”

 Since he got the car in July, his quest to get closer to the earth has never ended.  It started with Insurance coilovers (that came with the Q when he bought it).  At its lowest height, it still had a big gap in the front.  He then added UAS bags over them, to get it even lower while adding the fun factor and functionality of bags.  Even then, the nose of the car at its lowest height, sat where he was planning to drive it at.  The front was then modified at Good Vibes Auto, to lay lower.  He’s a happy camper now but his tires are not, sitting on -8* of rear camber. Thats pretty extreme for a newbie who just got in the game a couple months ago.

You will see more of this car (legit pictures too.)



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