Who Will Be King of Black 2?

Last year at the first BLACK, Ty took home the “Best of Show.”  His sick GS wasn’t enough, he needed some luck too.  The car was tied for best overall (with Tommi’s old LS430) so Rob and Dave did a coin toss to determine the winner.

We have lots more out-of-town heavy hitters this year, ready to step up to plate and claim “King of Black 2” aka Best of show +$2,000 Gift certificate off of a set of Luxury Abstract wheels.

Who is going to win the big boy?  The cup for the winner of Best in Show, is the same length as the fish to the upper left.  Bigger than your kids.  If you’re fortunate enough to win, make sure your wife doesn’t throw away this baby.

*Judging is done by unbiassed proffessional judges that Englishtown Raceway Park provides for all their events.  If a car takes all the trophies at most shows in different cities, it doesn’t matter what club/crew they are in as they are likely to do it again.  

May the best man win and remember, it’s all about having fun.  Once that aspect of the show is lost, it becomes homo (or straight if your gay)


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