BLACK 2 Teasers

Kenny (who is not yet officially in the crew) came up big with the promotion of the show and now he came up huge with the over night transformation of his ride.  Check out his brand new M37 Sport, freshly dropped on coilovers and a new set of Work wheels.  Also a shout out to Rav Spec who will be a vendor at Black 2.  Be sure to check out their booth.The new Infiniti M sport may be the sexiest new car on the road for under 70K IMO.  Hopefully we get a few more to show.




8 responses to “BLACK 2 Teasers

  1. Love the car… Just grabbed an 03 jaguar s type r grabbing springs soon can’t wait to drop it and maybe one day hopefully being a part of liberty

    • Nice pick up. Most of the guys here started on springs but they don’t nearly drop the car enough to achieve the look. Save up and get coilovers or airbags, you will be happier at the end.

      • thanks for the tip actually friends with travis so I’m sure he’ll help me out when it comes to finding the right coilovers

  2. That is a sexy ride. I would never drop my G37 though, it’s already that low to the ground stock. I bottom out on semi-steep driveways even taking them sideways.

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