LIBERTY GARAGE: 037 Continued

Nate from Dreamakers said no more teasers but I got one out of him.  Check out the beautiful fender work and vents that are not on this Q45.  Also peep the 6 piston, 2pc rotor, Rotora BBK.The Artisan Spirits fenders would have actually been cheaper/easier but the look was not aggressive enough.  Beacuse the fenders were pulled out as much as they were, the vents are a lot meaner.  They were also pushed to the fender edge to add muscle.  Having metal fenders is the way to go if you are committed to ride low and flush.  Check out the similarities differences of the A.S. fenders below.

This car will literally be ready for BLACK 2.  Hopefully we get another build pic or two before next weekend.



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